Picture of Dr. Andrew Silverman delivering a presentation on the shroud of Turin at the ENEA in Frascati.
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Dr. Andrew Silverman


Dr. Andrew Silverman is a medical doctor with a background in physics. From an early age he has been interested in the nature of what we are as human beings and what our potential is.

Having become familiar with the Shroud of Turin In the early 1980s, Silverman embarked on what has become more than 30 years of research driven by his fascination to know how the image on the Shroud could have formed, being mindful of the fact that it can not be replicated even with 21st Century technology. He has a thorough knowledge of contemporary scientific and historical studies on the Shroud and lectures around the UK on the subject.

Silverman is particularly interested in the remarkable fact that, at the moment that the image formed the body of the man appears to have been vertical and suspended in the air. Also scientific evidence suggests that the image was formed by a momentary burst of radiant energy which emanated from the body.

Internationally Dr. Silverman has presenting his ideas at numerous conferences and has been widely recognised by researchers around the world for his contribution that might finally explain this remarkable image whose origin has been a mystery for many centuries..

His papers can be viewed on the presentations page.